About the Book

“Tears don’t stop while reading this marvellous book of pain and struggle and triumph with touch of humour!!
Manisha Koirala (Bollywood Actress, Cancer survivor and philanthropist)

About the Author

Suvekchya (Sue) Ghimire was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 when she was 32 years young.
She now dedicates her life to raising awareness and speaking about breast cancer, with the goal of eliminating cultural taboos surrounding the topic.

A committed healthy eater, she actively posts ayurvedic and natural healing recipes on her instagram.

What people are saying

I will be trying some of your yummy recipes

Manisha Koirala
(Bollywood Actress, Cancer survivor and philanthropist)

“The personal account of a 32 year old’s journey with cancer is uplifting and heartwarming. Added bonus are the recipes which are healthy, homey, and induce nostalgia about Nepal.”

Shriya Pant

“Cancer, Curry & Me promises a deeply personal look at the cancer recovery journey; and it delivers. Sue pulls no punches in sharing both the dark and light sides of her experience. This book is honest, raw, and forges a very real connection between the author and the reader. Of course, some of the recipes have become a staple in our home already – health and healing from the inside out.”

Simoné Streck

“The recipes are easy to follow and the story is inspiring and insightful, with injections of humor that give it levity.”

Meghan Wilkins

Cancer, Curry and Me will take you through a personal journey that will make you cry, gasp, laugh… Suvekchya has managed to give us, the readers a raw picture of what it’s like to have cancer and face it head on. What I enjoyed most were the real, unfiltered anecdotes that enabled her to overcome this with her usual positivity and optimism. I couldn’t put it down.

Devashish Pradhan

“Cancer, Curry, & Me is an original, honest, and compact memoir+recipe book that bravely and beautifully unfolds Suvekchya Ghimire’s experiences with cancer — from diagnosis, through treatment, to full recovery. A must read.”

Yasmine Singh

“Cancer, Curry & Me not only chronicles the writer’s journey of physical recovery but it also paves a path towards holistic healing, for both writer and reader. It is about learning to listen to the wisdom that lies within one’s own body and self, and the wisdom that is passed down from generations, through our parents’ and grandparents’ sayings, stories and recipes.”

Muna Gurung

Need support?

Sue coaches survivors, caregivers or those who have been recently diagnosed to help them take control of their lives during and after cancer. Helping them use the experience to find purpose in their lives.

You will also get great tips on what Ayurvedic food might help boost your recovery during this time and beyond.

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